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6 of the Most Popular Bucks Party Games that should involve your Topless Waitresses!

6 of the Most Popular Bucks Party Games that should involve your Topless Waitresses!

Roping in your Hot Party Waitresses makes everything much more exciting!

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hot busty topless waitresses soaping each other up for a bucks party bath show

Of course there are millions of Games for Bucks Parties out there to choose from but these ones listed below are far more fun because they give you the opportunity to get your topless, lingerie or nude waitresses involved. By involving the girls these games turn into more of a sexy show than anything else and really uses your Topless Waitresses to their full potential!

Here are the 6 super popular games involving your Sexy Barmaids...

  • Twister...

    As annoying as this game can be, when you throw in a couple of Topless Waitresses or a lingerie waitress or two it suddenly turns into one of the Best Bucks Party Games on the planet especially if you are ‘forced’ to be the third body in the mix. If the budget can withstand a couple of totally Nude Waitresses then this bucks party ‘game’ or ‘event’ should be enjoyed with a cold beer and an armchair. Make sure you have control of the spinner! Introducing baby oil from above, half way through will also enhance your viewing pleasure! You can, of course, have two of the boys play without any topless waitresses however this really isn’t quite as much of a spectacle but will be amusing especially if they have to drink on every spin. But take our advice - get waitresses - it's better!

  • Blow Up Doll...

    There’s always one dodgy friend in the Bucks group that has ready access to this kind of prop isn’t there! The pervert of the group. There’s always one. Have him organise a couple of blow up dolls - preferably not ISIS ones - you don’t want them blowing themselves up! Have 2 of the lads blow up the dolls as fast as they can. The loser has to down a pint or do a dare. Then each in turn has one minute to do as many sexual positions as he can think of with his blow up doll much to the amusement of all around. See if you can rope your Topless Waitress into some of these shinanagins either by helping with the count, offering some suggestions or even substituting herself for the doll!

  • Bum Flip...

    This game is best played with 2 Topless Waitresses (actually its BEST played with 2 nude waitresses in heels but topless or lingerie is still fantastic!) but it can also be done with one. You will also need a plastic beer pong type cup or two. Split into two teams and if you have 2 topless bargirls, allocate one to each team. If you have only one topless barmaid then take it in turns. Assuming you have just the one topless waitress, have her bend over the dining table, pool table, breakfast bar etc (whatever you have available) and place the plastic cup the right way up, empty and on the top of her bum where it is flat. She must now attempt to flip the cup and land it upside down in approximately the same area on her bum/lower back. If she achieves this impressive feat the entire other team has to stop and drink a pint or do a shot. This should continue to be played until you have all grown tired of looking at the girls arses - so, never basically. However IF that unlikely point is reached one more thing can be done to the amusement of all. Best to pick on the most gullible of the group which hopefully is the Buck. Tell him he must now try to perform this stunt himself - tell him, if he succeeds everyone will drink as an incentive for him to do it. This time place the cup on his bent over frame but with as much liquid in it as you think you can get away with without him realizing it has anything in it - have him perform the maneuver much to the amusement of all as it completely soaks his pants.

  • Strip Beer Pong...

    Ok so most people are familiar with the relatively new tradition of Beer Pong. If you are not, it involves beer, plastic cups and ping pong balls - and no, it’s got nothing to do with Thailand style ping pong shows (although that could make for an entertaining version!). You split into two teams and each team arranges their 6 half filled beer cups in a triangle formation at their end of a trestle type rectangular table. Each team then takes it in turns to throw a ping pong ball from their end of the table at the other team’s formation of cups. If the ball goes into one of the cups and stays in, the whole team whose cup was hit must down their drinks. The cup that was hit is then removed so that the team that was hit will have less cups and a smaller target. This goes on until the winners are the team that hit all the cups of the other team first. When a ping pong ball is thrown it can either be thrown directly into the cups or bounced on the table first BUT if it is bounced the other team can swat it away before it reaches the cups. That’s the standard version! However if you have a Lingerie or Topless Waitress, have her start on one of the teams with all her clothes on and the Buck on the other team. All the rules apply for the normal game with the additional rule that if the team with the topless waitress gets hit, she must remove an item of clothing, and if the bucks team gets hit he has to remove an item of clothing. Try to make sure they are only wearing 6 items of clothing or less lol!

  • Texas Holdem Poker...

    If you haven't played poker with your mates for a bit of a laugh then you have certainly missed out - however this can definitely be rectified! It is such a fantastic arvo/early evening activity to get all the boys together whether it be for a Bucks Party or simply a Boys Night In before a Boys Night Out! There are some fantastically good value Poker Sets from K-Mart for just $12 that include everything you need for up to 8 people complete with chips, cards and the rules etc. The absolute best thing is for everyone to start with $20 worth of chips so that you are actually playing for something. 20 Bucks may not sound like much but it certainly gets all the lads engaged and wanting to win! If there's 8 of you thats still $160 to play for! Perfect for the hotel room complete with beer and nibbles before you head out. But of course, there is still one crucial element missing that Bucks Bunnies can surely help you with - what is that I hear you ask?? A Topless or Lingerie Female Poker Dealer of course! Bucks Bunnies has Topless Poker Dealers that know all the rules and make sure a fair game is played - because that's the important thing right...umm yes but even better still is that they will be dealing the cards with their tits out which is bloody marvelous. Beer, Boobs and Betting is a man cave event - make your hotel room into your man cave and make it an event. Perhaps the runner up gets a motor boat from the dealer!

  • Soapy Bath Fun...

    For this you will need a couple of very game Topless Bar Babes! If you ask and they say no then probably best to leave it but if you keep it tame we are sure they will oblige. If the girls have bikinis with them they will almost certainly do it. What you do is simply fill the bath with water and lots and lots of bubble bath - and then have the girls get in the bath and play in the bubbles while the boys take photos for some awesome memories! if you are lucky you will be able to persuade the girls to go topless or maybe even nude using the bubbles to hide certain areas! Just bear in mind that the Cost of the Topless Waitresses might increase at this point lol - the girls will likely want to be paid more for this so make sure you have a few extra dollars handy as it'll be well worth it!

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